He Is My Enemy

Ana_88_tanu_27 Tina jjhg   Yizhan fanfic Wang Yibo And Xiao Zhan were sworn enemy. They can’t tolerate each other, not even for a single minute.


The Moon I See Is Only You [WangXian Fanfic]


Ana_88_tanu_27 WangXian Fanfic Wei Ying, who was supposed to be Lan Zhan’s childhood sweetheart, traveled thousands of miles to meet him. When he was


Cruel Husband [YiZhan fanfiction]


Ana_88_tanu_27 Tina jjhg Yizhan Fanfic, Angst fanfic please read if you prefer violence. Recent Update Chapter List


My Precious Little Boy [YiZhan Fanfic]

Ana_88_tanu_27 Tina jjhg Xiao Zhan was the Xiao family’s notorious ugly boy. Normally, he would pretend to be stupid, but in reality, he was ver

YiZhan Fanfic

Don't Be So Nice to Me [YiZhan Fanfic]

Ana_88_tanu_27 Tina jjhg YiZhan Fanfic Summary:- Zhan’s mother knelt in front of him, begging him to replace his half-sister to marry the man, W

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